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Re: Tulip madness

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 11:18:46PM -0300, Cesar Cardoso is quoted as saying:
> The problem looks fixed. I made some stress tests like transferring 50MB
> (remember it's a 10Mbps network), it passed. Also it doesn't get
> "timeouts". Woohoo! :-)
> Maybe Ben should roll the patch into his tree?
> -- 
> Cesar Cardoso - cesaracardoso@yahoo.com.br - www.cesarcardoso.tk
> "T? a? a lua. Que beleza! Ser? crescente ou decrescente? Decrescente, ?
> claro"
> (Galv?o Bueno)

Apparently it's a known problem. It only affects certain systems, so I don't
think it has been given much attention (this is a problem that would affect
most network drivers on your machine).

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