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Tulip madness

Hi all, 
I have a PowerMac 5500/250 with the built-in Ethernet card (a Tulip
one). Kernel is 2.4.19-rc1-ben0. 
I never managed to make the Ethernet card work right on GNU/Linux,
previously on YDL and also on Debian. 
If I load the "tulip" module, it finds the wrong MAC and doesn't work at
If I load the "de4x5" module, it works for a short time. After a few
minutes, I have to restart networking because it loses contact with the
other computers on the network. 

I've read that the Tulip code on the kernel is borked. 

Do I need to buy an PCI card (like a RTL8139-based one) to make
networking work right? 

Cesar Cardoso - cesaracardoso@yahoo.com.br - www.cesarcardoso.tk
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