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Re: Installing Debian on a PowerPC 8500

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 09:43:36PM +0100, Carlos de la Cruz wrote:
> How do I get the openfirmware console in my PowerPC 8500? I tried the keys
> sequence alt-command-blah and It doesn't works. I only get a black screen.
> When I executed "Apple system disk" it told me "OpenFirmware" ->input: ttya
> 								output: ttya
> Do I need a serial terminal for operating openfirmware?

The short answer: yes, use a serial terminal. (Modem port, 38400, 8N1)
I could be wrong on the port settings, since I haven't done this in ages.

The long answer: you don't need a serial terminal if you change the
settings of input and output. To use the internal video and an ADB
keyboard, use the following settings.

input: kbd
output: /chaos/control

The control driver is really buggy, and may sync to unusual resolutions
and frequencies unless you have patched it, which is painful.

	Brad Boyer

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