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RE: Rolling my own Powerpc kernel from Debian sources

What's the emoticon for blushing in embarrassment?

Thanks for correcting my dumb spelling error :)


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From: A.J. Rossini [mailto:rossini@blindglobe.net]
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 12:30 PM
To: Gilger.John
Cc: Jonas Bandi; debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: Rolling my own Powerpc kernel from Debian sources

>>>>> "gilger" == Gilger John <Gilger.John> writes:

    >> to compile:
    >> cd /usr/src/benh_kernel
    >> sudo make xconfig
    >> make-kpkg ...
    >> sudo dpkg -i ...
    >> then make the correct symlinks, edit yaboot.conf and execute ybin
    >> jonas
    gilger> ------------------------------------------------------------

    gilger> Everything went well until I tried "make-kpkg" :(
    gilger> bash returned "no such command" (or words to that effect).

    gilger> I reviewed the archives and did a google search on 'make-kpkg'
    gilger> The results were instructive except they said to read the docs for 'kernal-package' for more info.
    gilger> 'kernal-package' is not installed on my machine.
    gilger> apt-get install kernal-package returns "no such package" (or words to that effect).

    gilger> A search of debian.org/packages returned no results.

    gilger> Has kernal-package been renamed or something? Where can I find it?

Try kernEL-package, instead of kernAL-package (revert to lowercase for
the apt-get command...).


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