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RE: please recommend a hardware

Hi Ole-Egil,

thank you very much for your fast answer.

> [..] I happen to have an AmigaOne running Debian at home right now.

Where did you get this AmigaONE?
I wanted to buy a board from eyetech, but they said they will only 
ship them when AMIGA OS4 is finished even if I just want it for Linux. 
Is there another place to buy the AmigaOne-SE, instead from eyetech?

> The Pegasos and the AmigaOneG3-SE use the same northbridge (MAI 
> ArticiaS), future revisions of the AmigaOne (the XE, based on the 
> TeronPX) uses the Sa version of the northbridge, for some 
> more AGP speed :-)

Wow, you are full of interestings details.
I would like to know more about these boards.
Is there a place where can I read out more about them?


Gunnar von Boehn

P.S. As I'm not yet on the mailing list, please answer to me as well.

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