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Re: please recommend a hardware

von Boehn, Gunnar wrote:

Hi Ole-Egil,

thank you very much for your fast answer.

[..] I happen to have an AmigaOne running Debian at home right now.

Where did you get this AmigaONE?
I wanted to buy a board from eyetech, but they said they will only ship them when AMIGA OS4 is finished even if I just want it for Linux. Is there another place to buy the AmigaOne-SE, instead from eyetech?

I am on their developer list, together with Hyperion (who is finishing AOS4) and a few others. Like I said, we're not quite ready for end user release. So if you need a board yesterday, I would buy a Mac. If you can wait a month or two, I would say an AmigaOne would fit you just fine.

The trick is the firmware doesn't excactly make us frolic in the fields. Yet. So you wouldn't be very happy with it as it is. The hardware seems to work, though ;-)

The Pegasos and the AmigaOneG3-SE use the same northbridge (MAI ArticiaS), future revisions of the AmigaOne (the XE, based on the TeronPX) uses the Sa version of the northbridge, for some more AGP speed :-)

Wow, you are full of interestings details.
I would like to know more about these boards.
Is there a place where can I read out more about them?

Hmm. Here? ;-)

Nah, not really. I've done a lot of reading all over the desinformation super-highway, and with just a LITTLE insider info I was able to complete the puzzle :-). I'll be happy to act like a filter for everyone here, since I am in a rather unique position as moderator of the a1g3dev-mailing list (humble little me decides what gets told to the public, more or less ;-) )


Gunnar von Boehn

P.S. As I'm not yet on the mailing list, please answer to me as well.

Oh do subscribe, won't you? ;-)

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