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Re: please recommend a hardware

von Boehn, Gunnar wrote:

Hi all,

I want to buy a PowerPC computer to run debian on and need some advice.

Good choice :-)

I'm running A1G3-SE and RS/6k already, and I'm not looking back to Intel ;-)

A friend of mine asked me if Linux is as stable on ppc as it is on Intel the other day (while we were discussing what arch to base our next embedded computer to control our products, today it's an Elan, I'm pushing for 405GP). I had to laugh, because I have not seen any instability from Linux on ppc with WORKING kernels (being the _first_ to run Debian on any hardware IS begging for problems, right?), while I had actually had some problems with linux on x86 recently.

Is there a list on which PowerPC hardware debian runs on?
Could you maybe recommend something not to expensive?
Are there any cheap alternatives to MAC's?
What do you thing about the PEGASOS and the AmigaONE?

I don't think much about the Pegasos, but I happen to have an AmigaOne running Debian at home right now. It's running unstable, since I was feeling in that kinda mood when I installed. Getting it to run Debian was a walk in the piece of cake (or something). I have compiled a few kernels, and every single one works on my setup. Some people do have problems with them, though. So we aren't QUITE ready for end user release yet.

The Pegasos and the AmigaOneG3-SE use the same northbridge (MAI ArticiaS), future revisions of the AmigaOne (the XE, based on the TeronPX) uses the Sa version of the northbridge, for some more AGP speed :-)

The main difference lies in choice of southbridge, firmware (both have been running Softex PowerROM up to now, but we have selected different paths ahead), onboard network and IEEE1394/no IEEE1394.

Both machines have USB, sound, PS/2, serial/parallell ports and network onboard, the Peggy has IEEE1394, while the A1 has a fourth PCI slot instead. I'm happy with both, but I think I'll get a Radeon 8500 with full kit and kaboodle later on, so I won't miss out on the Firewire...

I'm on vacation, so only skimming my emails, but feel free to asks more questions.
Now it's time to go fishing :-)

many thanks in advance
best regards

Gunnar von Boehn

P.S. As I'm not yet on the mailing list, please answer to me as well.

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