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Re: Pine for testing/PPC

On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 01:29:04PM +0200, James Nord wrote:
Hi all,

Does anyone know where I could find a debian package (or binary) for pine?

All I managed to find was i386 versions :-(

Have you tried "apt-get --compile source pine" ??
No because I have an *exceptionally* minimal installation and don't want to have to install compilers/linkers and dev libraries in order to do this.

from the package:

Important notice: Pine license does not allow "modified binaries"
(like the ones produced by this source package) to be distributed.
Are there many changes? [OT Has anyone submitted them back to UW or asked for permission to redistribute?]

Pine is normally exceptionally stable so I'm not sure what debian had to customize?
Other distros manage (RedHat, YellowDog, Solaris...)

Maybe someone could clarify this as I couldn't find the diff anywhere.

[No I'm not trying to start a flame war here]

In particular, if you are a Debian developer, feel free to compile it
for a specific architecture to see if there are any bugs, but please
do not upload any .deb packages.

Could anyone point me to an easy way to cross compile from an i386?


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