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Re: Installing from SCSI drive problem

> > I'm trying to install on a PowerBook G3 Lombard, which should
> > be a New World machine...
> The devices in OF have different names than in Linux. You're using
> the Linux name, but the OF name would be something like scsi/sd@0:0...
> I was under the impression that the Lombard was not New World...

Entering 'printenv' from the OF prompt returns 'boot-device  \\:tbxi'
among other things. It is a New World machine.

I was also able to find out the OF command 'devalias' which returns
'sd0' as the proper alias for my SCSI drive. I entered 'boot sd0:7,yaboot'
at the prompt and the installation went smoothly.  Thanks for the help.

However the installation does not configure the X Window System.
In addition Xconfigurator and xf86cfg don't work because a basic 
SVGA X setup is not installed. Therefore I don't have a convenient
graphical tool to set it up, I have only the text based xf86config.

Do you know which parameters I should use for the horizontal and
vertical refresh rates, along with type of keyboard, mouse, etc.,
for the PowerBook G3 Lombard? Or, is there an easier way to do
this than to use xf86config?


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