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Re: Installing from SCSI drive problem

On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 01:23:44PM -0700, Greg Howland wrote:
> I'm trying to install on a PowerBook G3 Lombard, which should
> be a New World machine. I've downloaded the base system onto
> an external SCSI drive and am trying to boot off of that. At the
> OpenFirmware prompt I've tried entering the following commands
> but each time, the system seems to check the SCSI drive, but
> bypasses it and boots OS 9 from the internal drive. 
> What command should I use to get it to boot from the SCSI drive?
> o> boot sdb:7, yaboot
> o> boot sdb7, yaboot
> o> boot sdb, yaboot

The devices in OF have different names than in Linux. You're using
the Linux name, but the OF name would be something like scsi/sd@0:0.
Remember to substitute the numbers (0:0) with the right values,
which are the SCSI id and partition number.

I was under the impression that the Lombard was not New World,
but I suppose I could be wrong. I have a Wallstreet model, and
it is definitely not.

	Brad Boyer

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