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Re: Installing from SCSI drive problem

> > I'm trying to install on a PowerBook G3 Lombard, which should
> > be a New World machine...
> The devices in OF have different names than in Linux. You're using
> the Linux name, but the OF name would be something like scsi/sd@0:0.
> Remember to substitute the numbers (0:0) with the right values,
> which are the SCSI id and partition number.
> I was under the impression that the Lombard was not New World...

I got error messages that I 'could not open yaboot' when I tried your

The Installation Manual states that the PB G3 Lombard is New World,
however I've seen elsewhere that the Firewire "Pismo" is the only PB G3
that's New World. Is there any way of telling from within MacOS 9 whether
it's Old or New World? Should this page be changed?


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