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Re: yabootconfig fails on B&W G3

Chris Tillman wrote:
On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 10:27:30PM -0500, Kent West wrote:

<snip - yabootconfig fails during Debian installation, and other odd things relating to where hard drive is>

Interesting things from "devalias":

ide0    /pci/@d/mac-io/ata-3@20000
ide1 /pci/@d/pci-ata@1/ata-4@0
hd /pci/@d/pci-ata@1/ata-4@0/disk@0
cd /pci/@d/mac-io/ata-3@20000/disk@0
zip    /pci/@d/mac-io/ata-3@20000/disk@1

I'm totally stumped. I think you should forward this to submit@bugs.debian.org
on Package: yaboot to get some expert advice.

I just opened a G4, and two other G3 B&Ws; they all have the hard drive and CDROM drive connected backwards to how my G3 is connected (as concerns which drive is connected to which bus). Tomorrow I'll reroute my drive cables and see what the result is.


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