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Re: yabootconfig fails on B&W G3

Chris Tillman wrote:
So you apparently have one of the dual-ide bus machines, and for some reason ide0 is your main hard drive rather than hd.

Try creating the yaboot.conf from the earlier message in /target/etc/
and give ybin a shot (in the chroot).
> Your /target/etc/yaboot.conf should have something like
> boot=/dev/hde6
> device=ide0:
> timeout=50
> fgcolor=light-cyan
> install=/usr/lib/yaboot/yaboot
> magicboot=/usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot
> macos=/dev/hde14
> macosx=/dev/hde15
> image=/vmlinux
> 	label=Linux
> 	read-only
> 	partition=7
> 	root=/dev/hde7
> chroot /target ybin -v

ybin complained about the "light-cyan", so I changed it to "cyan".

Then ybin complained quite a bit:

/proc filesystem is not mounted; nvram will not be updated
unable to find OpenFirmware path for boot=/dev/hde6
 and similar message for other partitions.

Do I need to crack the case and check out jumpers and cables on the hard drives or something, like I'd do on the i386 architecture?


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