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yabootconfig fails on B&W G3

I've been fighting to get Debian installed on a Blue & White G3 for several days, and after finally brute-forcing my way through the OpenFirmware prompt ("boot hd:x,yaboot" didn't work -- had to resort to "boot ide0/@0:x") have made it through the installation.

However, at the "Make system bootable" stage, yabootconfig fails. So I popped into the second VT and ran "yabootconfig" manually. It failed also, reporting that it "Could not determine root partition, aborting".

I looked for /etc/yaboot.conf, and the file does not exist.

My partition scheme looks like (using /dev/hde):

/dev/hde1 Apple_partition_map Apple /dev/hde2 Apple_Driver_ATA Macintosh /dev/hde3 Apple_Driver_ATA Macintosh /dev/hde4 Apple_Driver_IOKit Macintosh
/dev/hde5	Apple_Patches		Patch Partition
/dev/hde6	Apple_Bootstrap		bootstrap
/dev/hde7 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 / 75MB /dev/hde8 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /tmp 25MB /dev/hde9 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /usr 1400MB /dev/hde10 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /var 250MB /dev/hde11 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 /home 165MB /dev/hde12 Apple_UNIX_SVR2 swap 132MB /dev/hde13 Apple_HFS untitled 1 100MB /dev/hde14 Apple_HFS untitled 2 3.9G /dev/hde15 Apple_Free Extra 5MB

Any ideas?



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