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Re: Network Install won't connect

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 16:08, Laurent Steffan wrote:
> Hello again,
> --
> Reçu de Colin Foran le 11/07/02 à 3:11
> >> BTW, where did you get your other "default gateway" id ( ?
> >
> >I've got another machine running RedHat (this one). I had figured that
> sice we
> >really had no idea what was going on with the mac, it might prove wiser
> >to use a
> >valid address. In hindsight though, that doesnt really sound too plausable.
> Well actually it *is* a good idea, if the setup allows it. Does it ? What
> you have told us about your configuration up to now makes me think (this
> is sort of an educated guess, nothing more) that you have two computers,
> the one that wears a Red Hat and the one with Debian, which you can also
> boot under MacOs 9; that these computers can be connected to your service
> provider, ATT Broadband Internet, through a cable modem ; and finally,
> that the modem as well as the two machines are connected to a single
> Ethernet cable. Now could you tell me how close (or remote) this
> description is from the actual setup?
> That might be important because your Internet provider does not
> necessarily want you to connect several machines to the same modem - at
> least not without paying an extra fee. So trying to do that with a
> standard DHCP configuration might not work, just like what you're
> experiencing. If so, we could probably help you to setup your network so
> that it works, but I at least would need more information for that.

Would he still get a distinctly different IP address if this were the

This does match how my DSL providers have worked; only one or two
ethernet hardware addresses would be recognized.  In my case the visible
address belongs to a router.

-- SP

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