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Re: Network Install won't connect

> BTW, where did you get your other "default gateway" id ( ?

I've got another machine running RedHat (this one). I had figured that sice we
really had no idea what was going on with the mac, it might prove wiser to use a
valid address. In hindsight though, that doesnt really sound too plausable.

> My feeling over this is that your DHCP did not perform the initialisation
> correctly, perhaps even not at all. Seeing the number of errors for
> received packets might also indicate a malfunction of your Ethernet
> board, but you said that it worked perfectly with MacOs 9 so that would
> be ruled out.
> 2) or, you can reboot with Mac OS 9, go to the TCP/IP Control Panel, note
> down all the relevant parameters, and then kinda quickly (meanning :
> before the 12 strokes of midnight - and that's probably serious) reboot
> into Linux and insert the parameters into the routing tables - most
> importantly of course the id of your machine, of the gateway and of the
> subnet mask. Note that the gateway may be displayed under MacOs as a "router".
> I think the second way may be easier.

Ill give it a shot now, hopefull to post some good news later tonight.

> I do hope I didn't get too boring :-)

Not at all, i'd be reading into this stuff problem or not :-)

Again, thanks for sticking with the thread, i appreciate it !

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