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Re: Network Install won't connect

Hello again,

Reçu de Colin Foran le 11/07/02 à 3:11

>> BTW, where did you get your other "default gateway" id ( ?
>I've got another machine running RedHat (this one). I had figured that
sice we
>really had no idea what was going on with the mac, it might prove wiser
>to use a
>valid address. In hindsight though, that doesnt really sound too plausable.

Well actually it *is* a good idea, if the setup allows it. Does it ? What
you have told us about your configuration up to now makes me think (this
is sort of an educated guess, nothing more) that you have two computers,
the one that wears a Red Hat and the one with Debian, which you can also
boot under MacOs 9; that these computers can be connected to your service
provider, ATT Broadband Internet, through a cable modem ; and finally,
that the modem as well as the two machines are connected to a single
Ethernet cable. Now could you tell me how close (or remote) this
description is from the actual setup?

That might be important because your Internet provider does not
necessarily want you to connect several machines to the same modem - at
least not without paying an extra fee. So trying to do that with a
standard DHCP configuration might not work, just like what you're
experiencing. If so, we could probably help you to setup your network so
that it works, but I at least would need more information for that.

Laurent Steffan
eBusiness Technical Consultant

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