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Re: Updated document: Debian on iBook2 700MHz

    You can download debian ppc binaries for vlc 0.4.2 from...

/pub/videolan/vlc/0.4.2/deb on ftp.videolan.org

Unless they modified the original deb packaging I'm not sure how
the autobuilders will ever be able to build those packages. It
appears they expect a prebuilt ffmpeg-20020707 directory to be
up above the vlc-0.4.2 debian build directory. If you want to
build these yourself you need to grab...


from /pub/videolan/vlc/0.4.2/deb and ffmpeg-20020707.tar.gz from
/pub/videolan/vlc/0.4.2/contrib. Place all of these in a directory,
untar ffmpeg-20020707.tar.gz and use dpkg-source -x to unpackage 
vlc-0.4.2. In the ffmpeg-20020707 directory, do './configure' and 'make'.
Then in the vlc-0.4.2 directory do 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot'.
That should get you usable packages locally.

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