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Re: ppc dpkg binaries- apt-get can't locate or install

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 04:07, Adam wrote:
> I have a handfull  of apps I can't find approiate ppc binariees for.. I
> have searched every where for them.. even did a search on google and
> only found i86 or rpm binaries.  I am installing unstable.  I would like
> to have the proper ones even if i can get them in stable.
> I am trying to locate:
> libpisock4  --->  *evolution, korganizer   (evolution is my primarry
> email client and dselect won't allow be to install this without
> libpisock4)

Available in testing/woody.

> libcurl2-ssl --->  aries-extract

Has been superceeded by libcurl2, but should still be available in

Just add sources for testing to /etc/apt/sources.list and you'll be able
to install these, but packages will still be taken from sid by default
(always the latest available version of a package is installed by

> libcommon++1.9 ----> glcpu

I don't think this is available even on i386? Or if it is, it doesn't
work, I forget which.

> I would also like to have these binaries for:
> netsaint

Available in non-US.

> nessus


Strange that it can't find -lgmp3 even if libgmp3-dev is installed. And
I wonder why older versions, which seem to have built successfully,
aren't available.

> I am still looking for thes in debian package format for the ppc but I
> am not having much luck here.

apt-cache is your friend.

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