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dmasound_* problems


My dmasound* modules works (mpg123 plays), but there are very bad consequences trying to
work on the mixer, with both aumix, setmixer, rexima etc.
Pushing up and down master volume, it's not changed, instead changes balance, neither well: you can see a lot of distorsions and it does not change uniformly. Acting on pcm2 the behavior
is similar but cleaner.

The really strange thing is that: if you plug headphones, the story changes a bit (not always the same way), and unplugging them, the change leave on the speakers too.

Searching google, i found a patch that would fix some bug, but we can't know what :). [ http://penguinppc.org/~puetzk/dmasound-eb19+puetzk.patch and http://penguinppc.org/~puetzk/ ]
They are quite old, besides.

Someone experienced something similar (i'm talking for an ibook2 last model)

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