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ppc dpkg binaries- apt-get can't locate or install

I have a handfull  of apps I can't find approiate ppc binariees for.. I have searched every where for them.. even did a search on google and only found i86 or rpm binaries.  I am installing unstable.  I would like to have the proper ones even if i can get them in stable.

I am trying to locate:

libpisock4  --->  *evolution, korganizer   (evolution is my primarry email client and dselect won't allow be to install this without libpisock4)

libcurl2-ssl --->  aries-extract

libcommon++1.9 ----> glcpu

I would also like to have these binaries for:

I am still looking for thes in debian package format for the ppc but I am not having much luck here.

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