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Re: Can I use suse /dev dir. in debian /dev

Sorry.. I have been trying a install the system and have not been booted into this one for most of the day...

I actualy did not have devfs installed on my G4 at the orrig time of writing and when I did I lost all mouse control, most noticablily in X but then i noticed it was not working in console either.  I removed devfs and still had no luck with the mouse soo I took the /dev from a recient backup and moved it back into place.. now every thing works just fine on the G4

Now, the G3 has been a chore... 

No, devfs was installed on that one either.  I could not even install it becuse I did not even have net access no matter what I tried and did.  After a day of trying to get it to work (see earlier threads) I decided to reinstall the sytem from a fresh install.  I am in the process of installing the extra files and then to reconfigure it again.  Knowing now why I could not get my cd to work.. It was mentioned eiler on the list to use /dev/ MAKEDEV hdi where my cdrom sits.. I have not done that just yet..

I am very excited to get the system up and running.. soo much software for the ppc and very up to date using sid/unstable.  It is a long process of selecting files, installing them and configureing them.  The help has been greate... Thank You.

My buisnes network for the studio and office is going to be great and top notch.. looking forward to it.

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 11:35, Josh Huber wrote:
Michel Lanners <mlan@cpu.lu> writes:

> Don't confuse the device entries in /dev with real
> hardware.... having one doesn't make the other appear automatically
> :)

Actually, it does -- since I think the OP mentioned earlier that he's
using devfs... :)

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