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usb-ohci hard lock

I have a reproduceable condition which is producing a hard lockup (no
keyboard input even at console, no network activity) consistently.

I installed a Belkin BusPort USB card (listed as supported at
penguinppc.org) and installed the usb-ohci driver as a module.  I
attached a Samsung ML-1210 printer to it, with CUPS 1.1.14-3 and the
Samsung PPC Linux drivers installed.  Using the samsung-config program,
I try to print a test page.  At this point, the job is queued and the
job is at least partially sent to the printer, as indicated by the
blinking "data" light.  However, before the job completes, the system
locks up.

This happened with 2.4.17, and still happens with an rsync'ed
2.4.19-rc1-ben0 from this morning, with usb-ohci and printer both
running as modules.

The crash occurs on my beige G3/233 desktop.  The printer works
successfully with a similar configuration (except with lpr-ppd instead
of CUPS) on my pismo.  Please let me know if I can provide additional
information that can help in debugging this problem.


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