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Re: Finally got debian installed, X configured, and am locked out of Linux

On Sunday, June 30, 2002, at 11:15  PM, Chris Tillman wrote:

By switching to a console, you can at least try more often. To get
from X to a console, use Control-Option-F1 thru F6. (X should be
running in F7). If you can't get in through the console with your
root password, you'll have to boot with the installer floppy again
to fix it. (I can help offline if that's required.)

If I can get X going again, I'll remember those keystrokes (actually, I've printed them out :). I eventually checked the "No Video" box in BootX. Linux tried 3 times to start the GUI (with improper settings), then zapped me back to the command line. I then, perhaps stupidly, deleted the XF86Config file and ran anXious. I am now back where I started, with the server being killed because no correct modes are found. I think I've figured out why, but I'm not sure. At this point I might be drifting into areas that properly go on the main Debian list, but my video card is Mac only, so I think I'm still proper here. :)

Here is what I think I've figured out, and what I did that succeeded in starting X (I think - haven't had time to go back and check try again).

Originally, when I tried to startx, I would get a message saying I needed a "Screen" section for "fbdev" in my XF86Config. I would just change "accel" to "fbdev" and go on. That would get me a message that no correct modes could be found. Eventually, I manually entered a second "Screen" section into XF86Config for "fbdev", leaving the section with "accel" alone. The GUI started, but when I attempted to login, it always claimed the password was wrong. If my username hadn't typed in correctly, I'd think my keymap was hosed in GUI mode.

I'm beginning to wonder if anXious might be misconfiguring for my video card. I have an ATI XCLAIM3D 4meg bought in March 1997. According to anXious, I have a Mach64 (chipset?). I think that is a newer chipset, but I'm not sure. I'm going to try to find out from ATI. It is driving a Gateway Vivitron 15 monitor, which I don't have the specs for.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Bert Knabe

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