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Re: Voodoo3 2000 problems in Woody

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YES YES YES! It will work! I have a Voodoo3 Card working on my Beige G3/266. 
It willl work! Stop whining. If you are using 2.2.x kernels, you've got to 
manually patch the kernel, since the code isn't in there. If you are running 
2.4.x kernels, you won't have to. Sheesh. There's a page about getting this 
setup going at http://v.favrenicolin.free.fr/linuxppc/linuxppc-tdfx.php3



On Monday 01 July 2002 19:40 pm, Shawn Dunn wrote:
> This is a repost from a bit ago, all I really want to know, is WILL THIS
> CARD WORK?  I mean, if the only suggestion you have is RTFM, I've been
> rtfm'ing the crap outta stuff trying to get it to work, with no luck, I
> never recived ANY sort of response the first time, and after talking to Mr
> Branden Robinson, he said to resort to threats, and to mention something
> about already going to "Overfiend" and that the list members would know
> about it  =]
> Anyhoo, Repost following.....
> 				--Shawn
> --------------------------------------------
> Hey there all, I've got a performa 6360 here, running woody, with a Voodoo3
> 2000 PCI in it, works great with fbdev, but I'd really like to use an
> accelerated X-server, so I built a custom 2.4.18 kernel with the tdfx
> drivers, pass the tdfx options to the kernel in BootX, and it starts up
> fine, console is working great (yes, I know about the Bug with the driver,
> DO NOT switch between X and console once you start X, verymuchbad) that
> being said, the first startup, after reconfiguring XF86Config-4, starts up
> fine, and then I startup an App, and it's ok, then I fire up the e-mail
> client, and boom, it locks up, requiring a hard reboot, locks up so bad
> that the precautionary ssh session from another machine dies.  reboot,
> fsck, restart X, locks up before the screen redraw, reboot, fsck, remove
> all the .* X-related files and directories in my ~/ directory, X fires up,
> runs fine all night, I get up this morning, fire up gabber, it locks up
> again.    The only modules I'm currently loading for XFree are the font
> modules (freetype, speedo, etc.)  no DRI, no GLCore, no glx.   Anybody else
> had these problems?   I mean, I can use this machine with fbdev, but the X
> experience is rather less enjoyable.
> 					--Shawn

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