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Re: Voodoo3 2000 problems in Woody

	Hi all,

Anthony Lau wrote:
> I'm using a Voodoo3 in an Old World PowerMac4400-clone.
> Using a 2.4 kernel and XF4.0 or higher accelerated X works. DRI does
> not work, though. Console driver in the 2.4 kernel does work, but you
> can't read anything due to wrong edian-ness.

   In order to see what is written in the console, you have to pass 
'noaccel' as argument (in BootX if that's what you are using), e.g. : 
video=tdfx:1024x768-8@60,noaccel. The 'noaccel' part will disable only 
console acceleration (not X) and should make the console readable. It's 
no extremely useful since you can't switch from X to console without 
crashing, though.

   As for Shawn' problem, and despite having written the aforementionned 
page on using Linux/PPC with a 3dfx card, I'm afraid I don't have many 
suggestions, as he seems to have tried many things. Nethertheless:
- try older kernels (2.2, or 2.4 before the major changes (2.4.8?)), who 
- the fact that you do not see any problem under MacOS does not mean any 
thing. My experience: when I first wanted to install LinuxPPC (think it 
was R5), I failed every time with random crashes during install; I gave 
up for one year until I read about Linux being more sensitive to 
hardware; I tried removing all memory, and it turned out my L2 cache of 
my 7300 was faulty. Never had a problem after removing it. So it could 
still be a small unreliability of the 3dfx card which does not show up 
under MacOS.
- finally, I do not know if the 6360 has a special hardware that may 
trigger the problem

  Unfortunately, I can't be of much help here, I'm working almost fully 
under Linux, but mostly on an athlon box now, even if my faithful 7300 
with its voodoo card is still here.

Vincent Favre-Nicolin
ESRF- Grenoble, France
ObjCryst & Fox : http://objcryst.sourceforge.net

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