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Re: Booting GNU/Linux...

On   2 Jun, this message from Daniel Bolgheroni echoed through cyberspace:
>>>If you can get into OpenFirmware, you can use commands like devalias and ls / dev
>>>to figure out what the your hard disk device name is.
>>>The problem is, on the first versions of OpenFirmware, there was no driver
>>>for video available. I'm afraid this may apply to you. You can get into 
>>>OpenFirmware, but you may need another machine hooked up with a serial cable
>>>to see what it is saying.

There are two possible problems here: either OF lacks a not-too-buggy
driver for the video card (this is the case on the 7200, for instance),
or OF is set by default to not interact with screen and keyboard, but
with one of the serial ports.

The first problem happens on lots of the early Macs that had OF. Either
the video drivers were buggy to the point of being totally useless, or
even absent.

If the second is the case for you (and it's worth a try), than do the

  nvsetenv input-device kbd
  nvsetenv output-device screen

> Shawn is right, with Cmd-Opt-O-F Performa 6360 not get you into OF.

See above.



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