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Re: Booting GNU/Linux...

Ewww. The gods are frowning.
If you can get into OpenFirmware, you can use commands like devalias and ls / dev
to figure out what the your hard disk device name is.

The problem is, on the first versions of OpenFirmware, there was no driver
for video available. I'm afraid this may apply to you. You can get into OpenFirmware, but you may need another machine hooked up with a serial cable
to see what it is saying.

I did search in the list archives and found a link which contained an OF path.
The thing is, it wasn't woorking for that guy. but this may be worth a try
anyway, before seeing if you can break into OF:

nvsetenv boot-device ata/ATA-Disk@0:0

To try getting into OF, hold Cmd-Opt-O-F at power on.

I too am on a 6360, and I assure you, cmd-opt-o-f will NOT get you into open firmware, you need to run a system tool (who's name eludes me at the moment, but I know it's on the NetBSD/ppc and Woody/PPC minimal install cd), I seem to recall it being able to output to video after changing a couple of settings, if not, plug a serial cable in, and run it to another mac and use an app such as Ztermto have a peek remotely(I use bootX for a bootloader, so I have NO experience with Quik)


I'm still a little confused, because I'm new to the Mac world.

Shawn is right, with Cmd-Opt-O-F Performa 6360 not get you into OF.

If I use BootX, can I solve this problem? Does BootX need MacOS? I heard that some boot loaders need MacOS.

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