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Re: Arrgh: maybe pmud-utils was a really bad idea.

Bastien, Ben, Chris, Rogério, Will, Michel,

Thanks heaps for your collective help!  I was able to circumvent the
regular bootup code and login (using the init/bin/sh parameter in the
yaboot boot prompt).  I could then manually mount my disks, hunt down
the script running pmud and turn it off.  Then I could re-boot
normally and use dpkg to remove pmud-utils.  My sense of helplessness
has been overcome.

After I removed pmud-utils, I noticed that the /usr/sbin/pmud was
still around (it came in it's own package) so in the interest of
Science, I tried it.  Yikes - I got a repeat of the problem I was
having earlier.  So pmud is definitely a bad idea to run on a new G4
desktop.  (Well, *my* desktop, anyway.  Maybe my hardware is
particularly delicate, but i have no reason to believe so.)  I
quickly removed pmud as well.

Thanks again folks!

-- Bill

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