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Compile kernel 2.4.18 & X setup problems on titanium


  Maybe someone can help me.

  I've install Debian TESTING on my PowerBook Titanium without too much
  problem.  As we all know this comes with kernel 2.2.x 

  I then tried to install X 4-1 with the debian package.
  I get the error : No screen attached. ???

  Then I thought maybe it is because I've the wrong kernel.  People are
  saying to upgrade to 2.4 to get the lastest gismos... So I installed
  the kernel from  Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>


  Which I thought would work but no chance.  After booting fine, my
  keymap was all messed up in the console.  ex: the e became backspace ?
  Anyway no chance to login and no networking also!

  I went back to 2.2 then installed with dselect an image of kernel
  2.4.18.  Networking up et keymap fine!  Still no chance with X still
  NO screen found.

  So I decided to compile kernel 2.4.18 using the Debian way! (I use all
  the default options)
  Back with
  the same problem of keymap and networking.
  I will post my XF86config and the error soon.

  At this point, I don't mind the kernel 2.2 or 2.4, with no X there is
  not much fun...




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