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Re: two sound questions

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 05:04:03AM -0600, Thomas Peri wrote:
> a) Now that I have working sound (thanks!), I've noticed that when 
> something's playing in xmms, other sounds (like terminal beeps, and 
> message sounds in gaim) don't come through.  If xmms isn't playing, they 
> come through fine.  Is there a way to fix this?

No. The terminal beep sound is generated through the AWACS chip, so it
isn't possible to force the beep to work while sound is playing.

> b) Also (and I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll ask again), 
> the volume slider in xmms has no effect.  Is there a way to have the 
> actual volume reflect the position of this slider?

Right click in the XMMS window, choose Options -> Preferences. Under
Audio I/O Plugins, in the Output Plugin box, click Configure. Choose the
Mixer tame, then check the "Volume controls Master not PCM" checkbox.
That will change the volume control to use the master volume level
instead of the (nonexistent) wave output channel.

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