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Re: /dev/dsp

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 12:32:54AM -0600, Thomas Peri wrote:
> 1) A constant irritating whine comes from the speaker.  The "Speaker" 
> slide in kmix has the desired effect on the whine's volume, but this 
> brings up something else I'm not sure about:

The volume must've just been up too high.

> 2) The "Volume" slider in kmix does nothing.  Should it?  What is the 
> difference between "Volume" and "Speaker"?  That brings us to the third 
> thing:

"Speaker" must be the master volume level. It's probably making blind
assumptions about what mixer channels are available.

> 3) The volume slider in xmms also does nothing.  Is this related?

Same thing. There's an option in the OSS output plugin's "Configure"
panel that allows you to tell it to use the master volume channel
instead of the wave volume channel, that might do it.

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