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Re: boot time

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 01:42, Josh Huber wrote:
> Philipp Kaeser <furball@gubbe.ch> writes:
> > the utility is called 'pmacpow'. there is not much mention of it on
> > google, and most links point void; so I have put two older versions
> > online on http://www.gubbe.ch/download/pmacpow-tool-991019.tar.gz
> > and http://www.gubbe.ch/download/pmacpow-tool-991021.tar.gz
> this looks nice.  Does anyone know of a Linux utility which lets you
> specify that a machine should power on in case of a power failure?
> I believe Apple calls this "server" mode.  Right now, if the power
> fails, the machine will not turn back on when the power is restored.
> What would be really nice is some sort of utility for setting all
> these little PMU/mac specific settings:
> 1) behavior of the fn key on powerbooks
> 2) setting poweron time
> 3) setting "server" mode
> 4) setting trackpad tap/notap etc
> 5) anything else I'm missing?

Mouse emulation buttons


/Bastien Nocera

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