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Re: boot time

Philipp Kaeser <furball@gubbe.ch> writes:

> the utility is called 'pmacpow'. there is not much mention of it on
> google, and most links point void; so I have put two older versions
> online on http://www.gubbe.ch/download/pmacpow-tool-991019.tar.gz
> and http://www.gubbe.ch/download/pmacpow-tool-991021.tar.gz

this looks nice.  Does anyone know of a Linux utility which lets you
specify that a machine should power on in case of a power failure?

I believe Apple calls this "server" mode.  Right now, if the power
fails, the machine will not turn back on when the power is restored.

What would be really nice is some sort of utility for setting all
these little PMU/mac specific settings:

1) behavior of the fn key on powerbooks
2) setting poweron time
3) setting "server" mode
4) setting trackpad tap/notap etc
5) anything else I'm missing?

Also, with appropriate startup/shutdown scripts for controlling this

I wonder if I could get this ready in time for Woody...probably not.

next release? :)

Josh Huber                                   | huber@debian.org |

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