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Audio CDs in xmms on ibook2 2001 600Mhz

Hi all, 

I'm having trouble getting Audio CDs to play on my iBook2 (2001,
600Mhz) in xmms.  MP3s are fine (especially since the kmix people have
been doing such a good job) but Audio CD tracks don't work.  If anyone
can give me a spot of advice, I'd appreciate it.


The reason for Audio CD problems has to do with the unique CD drive
hardware, as explained here:

I've installed the xmms-cdread package, and attempted to set things up
as explained on this list here:


When I attempt to play a CD using "AudioCD Reader 0.14a", xmms cycles
through the track names very fast, and no sound comes out.

I initially thought my problem might be that /dev/cdrom is aliased to
/dev/hdb (other pages have asserted that /dev/sr0 and /dec/hdc are
correct) but I have been able to mount CDs at this device before, and
the xmms "CD Audio Player" plugin was able to read the CD well enough
to look up the tracks via CDDB database.  So I don't think that's it.

Any suggestions?


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