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Re: boot time

Hej Benja & Vinai,

> > Is there any way to make a system boot @ a specific time?
> If you have MacOS Classic on any of your partitions, you can use the
> energy saver control panel to set a boot time, then set your favourite
> bootloader to boot into Linux by default.  There was a linux utility
> that could set the hardware to do this, without MacOS, but the name or
> its source do not come to me right now...  It was mentioned waaay back
> on one of the linuxppc mailing lists ...

the utility is called 'pmacpow'. there is not much mention of it on google,
and most links point void; so I have put two older versions online on
http://www.gubbe.ch/download/pmacpow-tool-991019.tar.gz    and

Note that a boot time is set only for the very next boot up process,
in order to have your system boot regularly, it would be needed to
execute it every time before shutdown.
in case you write such a script, please let me know - I'd need it too,
but am (was) too lazy to take care of it until now.

have fun,

Philipp Kaeser

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