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Keyboard/kernel problems

Hi there,

I'm running unstable on my Lombard G3 Powerbook. I have no problems
with the debian pre-compiled 2.4.16 kernel, however this does not send
the machine to sleep properly so I've been trying some of the various
variations available (benh, bitkeeper etc) and they all boot perfectly
but when I come to log in the keyboard either doesn't work or else has
all the letters and numbers in the wrong place (i.e. a very wrong
place, often everything is displaced by a row).

Has anyone had the same problem with this? Any ideas?

Richard Watson     GnuPG/PGP:0x55227960     http://www.doilywood.org.uk
e-mail:richard@doilywood.org.uk  jabber:richard@jabber.doilywood.org.uk

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