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Re: Keyboard/kernel problems

> I'm running unstable on my Lombard G3 Powerbook. I have no problems
> with the debian pre-compiled 2.4.16 kernel, however this does not send
> the machine to sleep properly so I've been trying some of the various

How odd. Sleep never failed to work on my Lombard (wakeup was a thorny
issue at times but BenH got that sorted ages ago) - using my own kernels.
The Debian kernel seems to have a problem there, can anyone else confirm

> variations available (benh, bitkeeper etc) and they all boot perfectly
> but when I come to log in the keyboard either doesn't work or else has
> all the letters and numbers in the wrong place (i.e. a very wrong

Apparently the 'keyboard sends Linux keycodes' setting is different (or
support for Linux keycodes is missing from the alternate kernels).
cd `find /proc -name mac-hid` and look into the keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes
file in that directory (I keep forgetting where in /proc space this is
kept, sorry).


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