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Re: Problem cat'ing in terminal: buffer overflow?

> No, no, reset works. What I don't understand is the corruption happening
> before the prompt sign and the typed chars getting screwed up after the dump
> is done. It seems that outputting non-ascii chars just overflow some
> buffers. Do you think it's ok? Curious,

I think that's what you rightly deserve for pumping random garbage to the
screen. How the hell do you think scrolling regions, cursor position
movement and character set switching works? Am I one of the very few that
remember what 'vt100' actually means, or even used such a beast? Jeez...
Read up on terminals, terminal emulation and related topics before
someone comes throwing the Orange Wall (tm) at you, please. 

Your random non-ASCII bytes instructed the terminal to have the cursor
jump around at random, switch to an alternate character set, output some 
characters, jump around some more, scribble more garbage on the screen,
etc. etc. ... Just what you asked for, really.

There's no buffer overflow or any other problem to be seen here. Nothing
really happened. Move along. 


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