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Re: Problem cat'ing in terminal: buffer overflow?

on 11/10/01 2:56 PM using moldy cheese
schmitz@zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de engraved this message

>> No, no, reset works. What I don't understand is the corruption happening
>> before the prompt sign and the typed chars getting screwed up after the dump
>> is done. It seems that outputting non-ascii chars just overflow some
>> buffers. Do you think it's ok? Curious,
> I think that's what you rightly deserve for pumping random garbage to the
> screen. How the hell do you think scrolling regions, cursor position
> movement and character set switching works? Am I one of the very few that
> remember what 'vt100' actually means, or even used such a beast? Jeez...
> Michael

vt100? hmmm.... and to think i have been using a vt52 all these years :'D

up until last year i had a vt-52 and a DEC PDT-11/150 stitting around...


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