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Re: The 'startx' effort continues...

on 11/6/01 8:18 AM using moldy cheese mikeyukish@psu.edu engraved this

> Thanks to all for advice so far...
> Refresh on my computer: PowerMac 7600/120, internal CD-ROM, 16 MB memory,
> standard apple keyboard and mouse, standard ubiquitous  15" Mac monitor.

i am installing the same cd on a 8500/150 and a 7200/90...

> Installed latest Debian stable release 2.2 R3. Selected to install Gnome on
> installation. I did not use Dselect, just the simplified install. Been
> having troubles with Xwindows and Gnome.
> I dove into the XF86Config file, and tried changing the mouse driver to
> "Auto" from "BusMouse". 'startx' failed with a "unable to identify mouse"
> message. Then I tried "PS/2", and was able to move the mouse upon entry
> into X. Yea!
> The colors are horrific, due I assume to only 256 colors enabled on
> monitor. Went into MacOS, reset to thousands of colors (same 640 X 480
> resolution), back into Linux, X burped with a type 11 error. I do not know
> how to reset in Linux to account for change in monitor colors. So back to 256.

to fix this (as i had it too...) i went into the XF86Config file and changed
where it said DefaultColorDepth or something similar... from 8 to 16 and
then in MacOS set the machine to thousands of colors... this will get you
into X with readable colors...

as a side note: what i am trying to overcome myself now is this gets you
     into X and runs nicely... except when the automatic screen dimming
     occurs the x server crashes and dumps you back to text mode and then
     xdm respawns itself and gives you the X login screen (after the 4th(?)
     time it just puts you back into the text console...


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