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Re: Supported models


>> Maybe I did not not correctly explain myself, but I meant a list
>> corresponding to the debian releases (potato, woody, future releases) in
>> the first place, sitting on the debian ports page, although
> well this is easy, put the list in sgml format into the boot-floppies
> source tree.  your too late to update potato, but we can certainly
> make sure woody has an accurate list before release, and then it will
> never be changed, because stable releases will never be changed.

Well, but that's what Chris Tillman is actually doing. What I am thinking of
is a dynamic list which gets updated as soon as a new hardware device, new
release update, new release, or other essential  changes of the kernel or
boot-floppies come up, and lists all debian releases. For example something
like this:

                         Releases                    boot-floppies
Device              woody        potato     woody    potato

Apple Computer
abc                        x                x            x           x
def                        x                              x
ghi                        x                 x                         x
jkl                          x*               x            x           x
mno                      x**              x            x           x
pqr                                          x                         x


[* please upgrade to 2.4.x kernel to take full advantage of your system
** please use woody boot floppies for better install]

This list can of course be altered, but just to get a impression of what I am
thinking of.

Because, if some newbie enters debian.org, interested in debian for powerpc, he
will first get trough to the ports pages (if he knows what ports mean), then
to powerpc, and finally to install, where he will be presented a list which is
(more or less) completely outdated. Searching for my TiBook I will end up with,
oh, does not seem to be supported. Hmm, ok, which distro is next on my
evaluation list, uhhm, ok, lets go to www.redhat.com...

Please remember e.g. the mail of Joseph Fannin ("gcc in woody?") who asked:

>     Um, is it just me, or is there no compiler in woody?
>     Until I found this list, I was beginning to think the powerpc port was 
> no longer maintained.  It sounds like people are running woody, tho....
>     What about sid?  I assume it's somewhere too?  Am I wrong in assuming 
> that if it's not on ftp.debian.org it's not on any mirrors either?  The two 
> distribs seem to be missing *lots* of packages, not just gcc.

Or head to the "Woody's install process" thread on debianplanet, which also
discusses newbie related install problems. This one would be kind of
preinstall help.

> penguinppc prefers not to have any distro specific information any
> longer.  pure distro independent information is what is preferred at
> this point.  the penguinppc hardware page should only talk about the
> kernel, distribution specific support should be up the vendor to
> provide.

So, thats fine, but there should be at least an up-to-date list available
(listing only debian releases)
on the debian website, where one not has to first search for the testing
install-manual (which is not obvious) to get a breakdown of the current models.

Well, if something like this would be useful and is desired I would maybe
volunteer to maintain such a page.

BTW: I could also be thinking of something like a form-to-mail survey page
with buttons for all powerpc models, release, boot-floppies and a button with the
option running/not running, where newbies could report the status of their
systems, so, if its running on their specific piece of hardware or not. With
the help of this form, we could provide status info about machines who are not
yet tested with the various debian releases.

May be also interesting for other ports.

Just ideas, I don't want to force someone to do these things!! I am only

Best regards,

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