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Re: Supported models

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 07:51:28PM +0200, Andreas W?st wrote:
> Hi
> >> Maybe I did not not correctly explain myself, but I meant a list
> >> corresponding to the debian releases (potato, woody, future releases) in
> >> the first place, sitting on the debian ports page, although
> > 
> > well this is easy, put the list in sgml format into the boot-floppies
> > source tree.  your too late to update potato, but we can certainly
> > make sure woody has an accurate list before release, and then it will
> > never be changed, because stable releases will never be changed.
> Well, but that's what Chris Tillman is actually doing. What I am thinking of
> is a dynamic list which gets updated as soon as a new hardware device, new
> release update, new release, or other essential  changes of the kernel or
> boot-floppies come up, and lists all debian releases. For example something
> like this:
>                          Releases                    boot-floppies
> Device              woody        potato     woody    potato
> ------------------------------------
> Apple Computer
> abc                        x                x            x           x
> def                        x                              x
> ghi                        x                 x                         x
> jkl                          x*               x            x           x
> mno                      x**              x            x           x
> pqr                                          x                         x
> Motorola
> stx
> .
> .
> .
> [* please upgrade to 2.4.x kernel to take full advantage of your system
> ** please use woody boot floppies for better install]
> This list can of course be altered, but just to get a impression of what I am
> thinking of.
> Because, if some newbie enters debian.org, interested in debian for powerpc, he
> will first get trough to the ports pages (if he knows what ports mean), then

exactly what happened to me

> to powerpc, and finally to install, where he will be presented a list which is
> (more or less) completely outdated. Searching for my TiBook I will end up with,
> oh, does not seem to be supported. Hmm, ok, which distro is next on my
> evaluation list, uhhm, ok, lets go to www.redhat.com... 


> So, thats fine, but there should be at least an up-to-date list available
> (listing only debian releases)
> on the debian website, where one not has to first search for the testing
> install-manual (which is not obvious) to get a breakdown of the current models.
> Well, if something like this would be useful and is desired I would maybe
> volunteer to maintain such a page.

I certainly think it'd be valuable.

> BTW: I could also be thinking of something like a form-to-mail survey page
> with buttons for all powerpc models, release, boot-floppies and a button with the
> option running/not running, where newbies could report the status of their
> systems, so, if its running on their specific piece of hardware or not. With
> the help of this form, we could provide status info about machines who are not
> yet tested with the various debian releases.

I had this idea too, but don't know how hard it would be to implement. it
seems like even if it just collects the information and dumps it in a text
file somewhere, then someday someone could come along and make sense of it.

Or, make it like a guestbook / poll type thing, where people can feel like
they're contributing just by weighing in; a place for comments and a way to
see the last 20 or so. As in, mivox.com/cgi-bin/tekbook.cgi .

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