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Re: Supported models

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 12:10:47PM +0200, Andreas Wüst wrote:
> > as for getting a link on the ports page, i suppose you have to talk to
> > debian-www about that, getting debian pages updated seems to have been
> > a somewhat slow process at the very least,
> No possibility to speed up the process?

i wouldn't know.  but generally debian and speed cannot be used in the
same sentence when regarding things like this, releases, etc.

> Maybe I did not not correctly explain myself, but I meant a list corresponding
> to the debian releases (potato, woody, future releases) in the first place,
> sitting on the debian ports page, although

well this is easy, put the list in sgml format into the boot-floppies
source tree.  your too late to update potato, but we can certainly
make sure woody has an accurate list before release, and then it will
never be changed, because stable releases will never be changed.

> it would also be nice to have a complete overview over models an supported
> distros (with which I do not only mean debian), which of course should be
> hosted by penguinppc as a distro independent area.


> But maintaining a distro overview list may be a bigger work, because there
> have to come together a lot of people who have testet this and this and this
> distro on this and this and this ppc hardware.

penguinppc prefers not to have any distro specific information any
longer.  pure distro independent information is what is preferred at
this point.  the penguinppc hardware page should only talk about the
kernel, distribution specific support should be up the vendor to

Ethan Benson

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