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Re: Supported models

On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 02:16:24AM -0500, sloopy malibu wrote:
> i have an idea on this... how about a small Mac OS application that you
> could d/l and run and it would read the gestalt id and report weather the
> machine will run and what dist minimum to use (i.e Beige G3 would report
> something like 'This machine would need bootx to startup and Dist 2.2r2 or
> newer') this would probly make it easier for people new to linux to decide
> wheather they a) want to try linux and b) a starting point as to what dist
> to try....
> just my $.02
> sloopy.
> p.s. i just checked my hd and i still have CW PRO3 still on it and would
> volunteer to write this if it would be feasable/useful...

Thanks for volunteering! 

This seems like an excellent idea. Certainly better than relying on the
Apple app; one of the problems with that is pre-8.6 systems don't have it.
But ALL Apple-compatible systems would respond to gestalt. With reasonably
clean code, it should be able to run on systems back to 7.1 at least.

Would we need to put together a database of gestalt responses to support this,
or is there one already available somewhere?

It, like the list of models, would also require a little maintenance as time
goes on. You would probably want to include models from the m68k port also,
a mac is a mac in a mac owner's eyes.

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