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keymap setup for TiBook [Was - TiBook recommendation because you asked for it]

Michel -
Thanks for making me even more warm and fuzzy about my purchase :)

BTW - can you point me to any docs about getting the keymap setup correctly and binding 2nd and 3rd mouse buttons on the TiBook. I know there's gotta be a FAQ out there since I can't be the first to stumble on this.

Right now I'm passing the "linux_send_keycodes=1" (I know that's not the exact flag but writing this off the top of my head) to the kernel and I did the dpkg-reconfigure on console-data and followed the instructions. I'm using the "macintosh" keymapping in Xfree4 and *not* the "macintosh_old" keymap. Things are okay in console (except I have trouble switching VTs) but in X, a lot of keys are mapped wrong. Most annoying, I can't get "/" .... grrrrrr :) This is all on unstable if that makes a difference.

A little direction would be appreciated.

Thanks -

Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 21:28, Blake Carlson wrote:

I think that if you're interested in using OS X down the road, you'll be better off with a G4 (disregard clock rate). At the moment, that limits your choice to a TiBook. If you're going for Linux only, your decision gets harder and you could probably get by with a G3. Of course, the TiBook is made of TITANIUM and has a 15" screen @5.3 lbs. Cool .......

Even with Linux, the choice isn't so hard, with a growing amount of
software supporting Altivec. In particular, watching DVDs is certainly
much more of a pleasure on a TiBook now than it will probably ever be on
a G3 Notebook.

Also, in contrast to e.g. the sound problems with an iBook2, pretty much
all of the TiBook's hardware is well supported.

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