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Re: Benh's kernel and Firewire

On pe, 2001-10-12 at 10:45, Jens Schmalzing wrote:
    Jason E. Stewart writes:
    > The issue is it works for some, but not all people (not for me and
    > my pismo, unfortunately).
    Strangely enough, firewire works to some extent for me and *my* Pismo.
    Meaning I can load the ohci1394 and sbp2 drivers and use firewire
    disks and CDs.  The machine only locks up when I try to access a CD
    BTW, that's with the version of Ben's tree provided by the Debian
    packages kernel-source-2.4.10 and kernel-patch-benh.

I also got the modules loaded, and the kernel noticed when I plugged in
my Digital video camera. However, dvgrab and dvcont did not work. It is
told that my DV camera works with the linux firewire/ilink/1394/whatever
drivers (it's a Canon mv30i iirc)

I remember Ben saying that the sbp driver (sp?) for disks should work on
ppc, but the others might not. I need to get a firewire disk soon, since
my harddisk is getting full :o)


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