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Advice on a iBook ...

Greetings Everybody ...

In the beginning ...

iBook Blueberry
3GB Hard Disk
 1G  - MacOS 8.6
 64M - Swap
 1GB - YellowDog
 1GB - FreeSpace

160MB RAM 
 32MB from Factory upgraded to 160MB
 thats why I had the original 64M swap partition
// dualboot using a bootscript from YellowDog
I change YDL to Debian 2.2r0 (potato) and everything
work fine, except that I had 1GB of free unused space.
 Trying to fix this I increase the swap to 320M (first
mistake - no longer than 256M in case is really needed
!!), so I leave it to 128M and the rest ( almost 2GB )
to Debian. Since that everytime I reboot or start the
iBook it sends me to the Open Firmware and nothing
else, try mac-boot, setenv boot-device hd:8,\\:tbxi,
Zapping the PRAM, Reinstalling everything  and
everytime sends me to the OF (this happends only when
I create the swap and root partitions because if I
left only MacOS it boots normally). Last night I
setenv boot-file hd:8,\\yaboot an booted normally to
the linux side but with no success with the dual boot
(I'm using bootinfo.txt too).

So ... I would like to ear some advices,
recomendations (flames too) on what is the best way
(or the least painfull ...) to  fix this, to live with
a dual boot iBook.Sorry for the long email but I tried
to be very clear and specific.

Blessings All.


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