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Re: Benh's kernel and Firewire

"Derrik Pates" <dpates@dsdk12.net> writes:

> It's the same story on the FireWire iBook I'm running Linux on. I'm
> running 2.4.11-pre6-ben0, and loading the ohci1394 driver results with a
> hard shutdown within ~5 seconds, and a system clock reset (to 1904?).
> Where are the patches? The code in Ben's kernel, and in the Linux1394 CVS
> tree, both have a comment saying they know how to detect the OHCI1394
> FireWire controller in the PowerBooks, but they don't know how to drive it
> then. I would like to have FireWire work on the iBook (and on this G3
> tower system, but it's outfitted with a non-OHCI-compliant TI FireWire
> controller - the PCILynx2).

There's been quite a bit of discussion about this on the linux1394
list lately. The issue is it works for some, but not all people (not
for me and my pismo, unfortunately). BenH seems to be working pretty
steadily on this.


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