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Re: Benh's kernel and Firewire

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, John Hughes wrote:

> I remember a bit of a ways back Ben saying he was thinking of gathering up
> all the patches ....someone had....and putting them into his kernel. Did that
> ever happen? Last time I checked, loading a FW module was just a really good
> way to shut down my iBook2 really fast and reset the hardware clock. Has
> anything changed? Is there someplace where a person can get "someones" latest
> FW patches to apply to a kernel? I have a firewire webcam hooked up to a
> telescope I would like to use...as well as a firewire harddrive on the way.

It's the same story on the FireWire iBook I'm running Linux on. I'm
running 2.4.11-pre6-ben0, and loading the ohci1394 driver results with a
hard shutdown within ~5 seconds, and a system clock reset (to 1904?).
Where are the patches? The code in Ben's kernel, and in the Linux1394 CVS
tree, both have a comment saying they know how to detect the OHCI1394
FireWire controller in the PowerBooks, but they don't know how to drive it
then. I would like to have FireWire work on the iBook (and on this G3
tower system, but it's outfitted with a non-OHCI-compliant TI FireWire
controller - the PCILynx2).

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